Camiguin’s free spay-neuter for pets benefits 157 pet owners


CAMIGUIN, Mambajao, Sept. 16 (PIA) — A total 157 pet owners in this island
province willingly availed of the spay-neuter service given freely by qualified
veterinarians from the Philippine Veterinary Medical Association (PVMA).

“This figure alone cuts a total number of 1,570 possible births, assuming
that each animal produces five (5) puppies or kittens twice in a year period,”
Dr. Louis S. Bollozos, Chief of the Camiguin Provincial Veterinary Office, said.

Held in cooperation with Provincial Government of Camiguin, Humane Society
International (HSI), and the Cebu City Veterinary Office, the service was done
in a bid to keep up with the island’s rabies-free status.

Bollozos said this is the first spay-neuter service held in the island and a
team of 10 veterinarians took on a massive surgical operation for dogs and cats,
throughout the province, neutering and spaying pets voluntarily submitted by its

Spaying refers to the removal of reproductive organs of female dogs and cats,
while neutering is the removal of the testicles in male dogs and cats.

Priorities were given to female dogs but so far all animals submitted were
served and only a single feline was submitted for spaying

The surgeries are always performed while the animal is under anesthesia,
Bollozos said

“The prevailing rate of the procedure in private veterinary hospitals or
clinics costs not less than Php5,0000 and by giving this for free, we can ensure
control in the population of animals, especially dogs, and ultimately reduce its
bite occurrences in the province,” he explained.

He, likewise, clarified that the procedure is safe, provided that proper
handling or after care procedures should also be given to the animals after
undergoing the procedure.

Doctors had it early this month and split the team into two (2) and served
first the towns of Guinsiliban and Mahinog, then the municipalities of Sagay and
Catarman on their second day and Mambajao town on the last day.

Meanwhile, Bollozos announced that another round of the neutering and spaying
activity is tentatively set in November and this time they plan to do it at the
barangay level to be able to reach and serve higher number of pet owners.
(PIA-10/Jorie C.


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