Camiguin opens ‘Buahanan Fest” on Sunday


CAMIGUIN, Mambajao, Oct. 15 (PIA) –- Camiguin, an “island born of fire,” known for its natural wonders and sweetest lanzones-bearing trees, will open its “32nd Lanzones Festival,” set from Oct. 16-22, this weekend.


Also known as “Buahanan Festival,” from the word “buahan,” the fruit’s native name, the sweetest lanzones harvest is celebrated, yearly, with a weeklong festivity that showcases the island’s agri-cottage exhibits and food and trade expo, indigenous sports and the tableau of local culture portrayed through dances.


the grand opening is set on Oct. 16, with the ceremonial ribbon-cutting at the Agro-Industrial Technology Trade Fair dubbed as “UGMAD,” which means “to till’ or “to cultivate” in the local dialect.


The fair features the best agricultural, industrial and processed products of the province, which also serves as the activity ground of the festival in Mambajao, the provincial capital town.


Provincial Tourism Officer Candice Naomi L. Borromeo noted that other towns of the province will also be holding street dancing extravaganza or ‘Kalanrakas’ that features traditional dances, drums circles and colorful ethnic costumes.

Kalanrakas winners will then compete for the grand showdown on Saturday, October 22 which marks the peak of the 2011 Lanzones Festival.


Other interesting activities include the “Harana in Kinamiguing” or love songs in the local Camiguin dialect, cooking contests, and a variety of choral, folk dance, kiddie theater, and draw and tell competitions.


Also included is the “Banag-banag” dance drama representations/interpretations and of nature, native salad and an exhibition of drinking of “koter,” a concoction of “tuba” or coconut wine made from coconut water mixed with ground cacao, evaporated milk and beaten chicken eggs.


Completing the celebration is the Search for “Mutya ng Buahanan 2011” or the Miss Camiguin Tourism.Participants of the tableau competition dressed as fairies, likewise, will vie for the Ms. Diwata title, where they showcase their “diwata” or fairy qualities in a dance showdown.


Meanwhile, a festival King and Queen will be declared, as the festival is also celebrated by the people to help push Camiguin as cultural tourism destination. (PIA-10)


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