Camiguin awards EHCP top performing schools


MAMBAJAO, CAMIGUIN, May 9 (PIA) — Governor Jurdin Jesus M. Romualdo recently conferred awards to Essential Health Care Package (EHCP) top performing schools in the province. 

The list came out after a series of in house review and visits were conducted last month. 

Four schools bagged the awards on homeroom and school category, both from the lowland and upland elementary schools entry. 

Sagay Central School was named as the best implementer for the homeroom category, while the Agoho Elementary School in Mambajao won the school category search for the lowland elementary schools. 

For the upland circle, Soro-Soro Elementary school gets the top award for the homeroom category and the Binunsaran, Itum Elementary ranked on top for the second category, both schools were part of Mambajao town. 

Other schools named among the top EHCP performers includes the elementary schools in Bacnit, Puntod, Subukan, Cuña, Mainit, Mambajao, Tangaro, Maac, Alangilan, Catohugan, and Loing. 

EHCP is on its fourth year of implementation in the island, providing pupils with basic health care materials such as toothbrush, toothpaste, bath soap, and deworming tablets. 

Felicisimo M. Gomez, Provincial Planning and Development Office chief said the awards were given to encourage sustained vigor among its partners in the implementation of the program. 

“We need the continued cooperation of the teachers in the implementation of this program,” he noted. 

He underscored their role in the day-to-day activities of teaching kids observe proper hygiene. 

Dental traps were already installed around the school area or inside their classrooms to emphasize the need for kids to learn the correct way of grooming themselves. 

Gomez added that they continue to tap the health personnel in the province and municipal health offices to ensure regular deworming activities among school children. 

He said that the Governor is also looking into extending the distribution of the deworming tablets to the parents, as well as in some priority areas, just to ensure the children remains free of such parasites. (PIA 10)


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