Soda Pool, Camiguin’s added treat


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– Never running out of surprises. Yes, this beautiful volcanic island, lying off the north east coast of Mindanao, offers another extraordinary treat to tourist.
            The island bubbles not only of cold and hot spring waters but of soda, as well.
Lying beneath Mount Hibok-Hibok in barangay Bura of Catarman town is the healing and whitening waters of the Soda Pool.
This interesting pool tastes just like the commercialized bottle soda water minus the acidity.
Its water source spouts up natural carbonated water, so rich that the continued flow of the spring water bubbles up within the pool area.
A dip in mineral water, with such lush vegetations around, while the majestic volcanoes watched over is incomparably stunning.
If milk baths are supposed to bring good skin, bathing here is also said to have some medicinal properties.
At certain rare places around the globe, these mineral water rises from the earth naturally carbonated, forming warm pools. Studies shows that this nutrient-rich water provides critical habitat to rare plants and animals, but not restricted to wildlife alone.
Scientists believes that soaking in the pools or better yet drinking it will reap the health benefits of natural soda water, which is known to reduce osteoporosis, decrease cardiovascular health disease and lower blood pressure.
Although it is reported that mineral content of soda spring water may vary from location to location.
Meanwhile, Barangay Agoho in the municipality of Mambajao is also using soda water spring to supply its water system.
Before the pool in Bura was developed, visitors often drop briefly in Agoho just to try its all free soda.
Camiguin from it’s the sound of its name “come again” until now remains an exciting place to visit over and over again. It can take you to its virgin forests, highest peak, great dive sites, historical landmarks, as well as, must try foods and delicacies only the island can offer.
It is only here where you might want to leave your jeans off and go shirtless all day as you take a dip on its unique varieties of water giving a rare combination of healing, cleansing, relaxing and refreshing swim. (PIA)

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