Public and private sectors meet to improve local economy in Mahinog


Mahinog, Camiguin (August 9, 2012) –  Local Government officials and leaders of private sectors participated today in the Local and Regional Economic Development (LRED) Sensitizing Workshop conducted by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) at Queobe Eco Park and Training Center.

The workshop, the first in a series of four different workshops to be facilitated by the DTI, is to identify and implement local projects to boost the local economy, especially those that can be done from 6 months to one year.
DTI Provincial Director Joselito S. Enot said he sees the potential of Mahinog as an emerging growth area in Camiguin.
For one, he said, the presence of the principal port in Benoni gives the municipality a competitive advantage over other towns in the province.
In addition to the port is the presence of tourist destinations like Mantigue island and Zipline in Benoni lagoon, which can be compared to other prime destinations in the country.
These potentials, he said, if fully tapped, can bring in more economic development in the town.

Mahinog Mayor Alex Jajalla praised the DTI for introducing the LRED concept in Mahinog.

LRED is a process by which stakeholders from both public and private sectors are mobilized to become partners in a joint effort to improve the economy of a locality and increase its competitiveness.
“LRED intervention is a big step to create more jobs, small business enterprises and income especially for our residents,” Jajalla said.
To achieve this, he emphasized, both the public and private sectors need to play key roles to do their part to drive the economic development of the town. (Homer R. Jajalla)

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