Disop visits PRRM areas in Camiguin


MAMBAJAO, Camiguin, Nov 23  (PIA) — The Philippine  Rural Reconstruction Movement (PRRM) hosted this year’s Disop (Dienst voor Internationale Samenweking aan Ontwikkelings Projecten or Organisation for International Co-operation on Development Projects) Annual Conference in Camiguin. 

Some 36 participants coming from 18 partner non-government organizations (NGOs )of Disop visited various people organizations (POs) initiatives and social enterprises implemented by the POs organized under CB-CRM project by funded by Disop. 

The barangays visited were San Roque in Mahinog where the San Roque Fisherfolks Association, a PO organized under the project shared their experience in the implementation of sea urchin, mangrove, boat rental projects in Mantigue Island. 

Kasamma, a PO in Poblacion, Sagay on the other shared their experiences on various CRM project implemented by their POs. 

Kamayu, a newly organized PO in Yumbing, Mambajao, showed their boneless barungoy (flying fish) and squid project.  

Disop Philippines, is an Agency for International Development, co-financed by the Belgian government through its Development Aid Fund. It supports community-initiated development programs, which are based on economically sustainable, ecologically sound and gender responsive development efforts. 

Disop aims to achieve this through financial assistance and multi-level capability building in partnership with NGOs and POs) with the end-view of improving the quality of life of poor communities. Since its inception in 1998, Disop continue to provide direct funding assistance to NGOs and/or POs in the Philippines for community-based development projects aimed at raising the living standards of poor and marginalized Filipinos.(Dondon Agaton/PRRM)Image


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