Camiguin builds P140M road infra projects



MAMBAJAO, CAMIGUIN, Sept. 7 (PIA) — Three major road infrastructure projects amounting to P140 million were initiated here to boost the province’s tourism industry, as well as, provide fast mobility to farm products and safety to commuters.

The projects consists of the construction and improvement of service road to Binangawan Falls in Sagay town and the newly completed service road and slope protection project leading to Tuasan Falls in Catarman, amounting to P50-million and P40-million, respectively.

The other project  is the opening and upgrading (gravel to concrete) of the P50-million cross country road cutting from Mainit, Catarman to Mambajao, although this serves as an alternative route from the major road, all the while, it provides  a great view of the island’s rainforest.

Camiguin Provincial Tourism Officer Candice Naomi B. Dael said these projects are hoped to boost the province tourist influx and economy.

“We wanted to bring our tourist spots closer to the people. The Binangawan Falls (rainbowed falls) for example is situated within the dense rainforest in the highlands of Sagay, but because of its distance, the knowledge of its existence has been limited only to locals and mountain climbers,” Dael said.

The province is likewise initiating appropriate measures for the promotion, protection and conservation of these areas. An ordinance is currently being drafted prohibiting the building of any shelter, dumping of garbage, as well as, hunting, collection and removal of wildlife resources.

The Camiguin District Engineering office, meanwhile, said that the two remaining projects will be completed within the year, funded by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) in partnership with the Department of Tourism (DOT).  (JCV/PIA) 



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  1. It is about time since the pork barrel has been a big controversy lately. The roads should have been fixed long time ago since we are under this administration for 20 plus years. The bathrooms in the tourist places should be fixed & well maintained that we don’t get embarrassed by visitors. Provide toilet papers in every public bathrooms & educate people not to steal them. It will be done if it will be initiated. Provide signs behind the bathroom doors that toilet papers are to be used when inside the toilet. Considerate citizen should not hoard or take toilet papers away from the respective bathrooms. This does not cost very much compared to the money stolen or taken away from people’s taxes. In short, the pork barrel money can go towards this project instead of someone’s pocket.

  2. So are the contract/s for these projects open for public bidding or is it business as usual, predetermined contractors owned by current elected officials?

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