Ardent opens Botanical and Zoological Park



MAMBAJAO, CAMIGUIN, March 17 (PIA) – The Island opened on March 15 its first Botanical and Zoological Park, nestled on the dense forest beside the famous ardent hot spring, a perfect short-trek to take before indulging the hot, crystal like waters that await every guest.

Ardent Botanical and Zoological Park is now equipped with an eco-trail that leads visitors to the aviary area, bird’s bath, and cage houses for mammals and reptiles.

Town Mayor, Ma. Luisa D. Romualdo said the animals inside the park are mostly endemic. The park will also serve as a home or refuge to rescued animals.

A number of land turtles here also share abode with the butterflies inside the papillon garden and these are not just ordinary turtles, some of them could even be older that you are! The oldest is 50 years old, but wait until you see the little one’s paddling playfully in the pond.

As its name suggest, the park will not only be a showcase of animals but of various trees and plants species as well, currently, flowers and wild orchids are grown inside the park, so that soon guest may take pleasure of its beauty.

The facility is under the management of the local government unit of Mambajao, they initially started with the papillon garden, now also generating an income from live butterfly market.

Romualdo invites locals and tourists, especially those who plan to visit this summer, to try something new and not miss Ardent Botanical and Zoological Park in one of their trips. (JCV/PIA)



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