Feature: Hibok-Hibok’s finest coffee blend up for grabs

Feature: Hibok-Hibok’s finest coffee blend up for grabs

Sourced from the island’s naturally thriving coffee beans in the foothills of Mount Hibok-Hibok is a new rich blend, much-admired by coffee lovers.

Mt. Hibok-Hibok Brew is Camiguin’s first try to market its own coffee brand, benchmarking on other successful products from the province, as well as on the rich volcanic soil that made marks in producing the sweetest lanzones fruit in the country.

It is made of wild Robusta coffee beans, roasted at its best to offer a unique blend.

The brand will come out later with a mix of Robusta and Arabica variety to provide both the aroma and bite that coffee lovers can’t resist.

Support to local farmers

Behind this coffee brand is the PAGAMA people’s organization organized by the Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement (PRRM) in 1994 for the Community Based Forest Management Project (CBFM) in Alga, Catarman.

Barangay Alga is one of the upland areas under PRRM that shows good potential in coffee production.

Revving up the market, PRRM directly buys freshly harvested beans from the farmers to pump up the local economy by producing and ensuring a market for Mt. Hibok-Hibok Brew. 

Since the island is new to coffee trade, the technology for roasting and packaging of the product is accessed outside the province. 

Buying this also means supporting the local farming folk.  Hibok-Hibok brew was made available in the market early this year and is sold only in ground form of 250 gram vacuum sealed packs in various resorts and pasalubog centers around Camiguin.

Partner NGO

PRRM being a partner NGO of Dienst voor Internationale Samenwerming ann Ontwikkeling Projecten (DISOP) Philippines or the International Cooperation on Development Project aims to help local farmers and stimulate the local economy in the area.

Mt. Hibok-Hibok Brew is a social enterprise project Funded under DISOP’s Integrated Sustainable Livelihood Alternative (ISLA) Camiguin.

PRRM Area Manager for Camiguin Raymundo C. Agaton said they are helping to create a market for coffee as well as encouraging the farmers to plant.

“The bigger picture is to generate small enterprise and income for the farmers, we have the product now, and we are pushing to improve the coffee’s production and marketing,” he said.

PRRM is also linking with the Philippine Coffee Alliance network for inputs in technology and production.

“We are positioning the product as a pasalubong (take home present) for visiting tourists and guests,” Agaton added.

To date, PRRM is looking for other areas to tap with presence of the people organizations (Pos) they organized, to be able to complement the demand for the coffee.  (JCValcorza, PIA 10)Hibok-Hibok Brew_Camiguin_a

(For orders contact 0926 179 0646)


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