Camiguin launches 1st Hinog Festival

Camiguin launches 1st Hinog Festival

MAHINOG, Camiguin July 27 (PIA) – Plunging back into its history, Camiguin now boasts not only for its sweetest lanzones, but with bananas as well.

The 1st Hinog Festival was launched here on July 1, 2015, a cultural event to commemorate the founding of Mahinog as a town and to showcase the wealthy heritage, rich history, and happy and loving attitude of the people. 10365458_905944839462173_515849459564711740_o

It is bounded in the north by the town of Mambajao, on the south by the municipality of Guinsiliban, on the east by Mindanao Sea and on the west by Mt. Timpoong.

It is said that the early days, Mahinog grew luscious bananas of all kinds. The land was fertile and so it brought an overwhelming production and terrific ripening of bananas everywhere, likened to its produce, people started to call the place “hinog” (ripened) or “ma-hinog” (to ripen) which had since become the unwritten acceptance of the town’s name.

As the inhabitants were few in the olden days, the native would harvest banana fruits more than what they needed. They also planted rice and corn for their main subsistence. The fruit was secondary food as it is today.

Hinog festival depicts the everyday “tabo” (flea market) of the old folks, ripe bananas were at everybody’s disposal, including traders and visitors from neighboring towns and provinces.

To date, banana is still among the major products of the province along with coconut, cassava, sweet potato, fruits, coffee and vegetable. (LGU Mahinog/PIA10)


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