HSI extends free spay, neuter for pets in Camiguin

HSI extends free spay, neuter for pets in Camiguin

MAMBAJAO, CAMIGUIN, May 24 (PIA) – Veterinarians from Humane Society International (HSI) are now going around Camiguin, providing free spay and neuter surgical services for dogs and cats.

Spaying and neutering helps prevent overpopulation of unwanted pets by removing its reproductive organ.

Veterinarian Lordgin Gamo of the Provincial Veterinary Office (PVO) said the process is safe, takes only around 10-15 minutes and a week recovery period.

“We always advised proper post-operative care for the animals, at least for owners to keep their pets on cage or leash for a while to do away with infection and ensure fast recovery,” he said.

Gamo said the project is expected to minimize the number of stray dog in the island-province as the process not only eliminates undesirable sexual behaviors as urine marking, humping or aggression, but also the urge to roam.

The HSI doctors will be assisted by the PVO and could serve at average around 30 pets a day or 60 heads at maximum.

Gamo said this is their second visit this year. In February, they serviced nearly 500 animals exceeding their 300-head target.

Currently, the team is going around the island starting last week and is allocating 5 days for each municipality.

Interested pet owners are advised to pre-register or visit their respective municipal veterinary office for the schedules. The veterinarians will visit each municipality twice to be able serve residents who missed the schedule. (JCV, PIA-10)


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