5000 pets get help from HSI

5000 pets get help from HSI

MAMBAJAO, CAMIGUIN, July 30 (PIA) – More than 5000 pets in Camiguin get free spaying and neutering surgery from the Human Society International (HSI).

A procedure used in sterilizing animals like cats and dogs. Spaying involves the removal of uterus and ovaries, while neutering is the removal testicles, for male pets, commonly known as castration.

HSI has been helping the province through the Provincial Veterinary Office (PVO) since 2013, conducting spay neuter, vaccinations, dewormings, vitamin injections and other treatments to help the island maintain its rabies free status.

The project seeks to educate to educate people on the importance of animal birth control in controlling rabies, dog bite incidence, and vehicular accidents caused by stray dogs.

They also campaign for animal welfare and proper pet care, while training local veterinarians’ on giving spay neuter surgery.

HSI said the project is radiating well in the province in terms of response of the public for scheduled operation.

For this year, a team of doctors have performed the pet medical mission in partnership with PVO, going around the province in the months of February, May, June, and July. (JCV/PIA-10)


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