Camiguin police office sets reminders on ‘Undas’


CAMIGUIN, October 30 (PIA) – The Camiguin Provincial Police Office (CPPO) reminded the residents in the province on things to do and avoid while observing the All Saints and All Souls’ Day to ensure safety and security.

Before leaving the house, the CPPO urged the public to check if the house is properly locked to avoid intrusion of thieves, gas stoves closed and appliance unplugged, and water faucets closed.

20171102dWhile visiting loved ones in the cemetery, the CPPO encourages bringing of food and water to avoid dehydration, and umbrella or hats for protection from the sun’s heat.

Alcoholic beverages, sharp objects like knives, loud speakers and play cards to be used for gambling are strictly prohibited inside the cemetery. The CPPO also reminds parents to always guard their children and prohibit them to play with matches and other flammable items that may cause fire. 

The public is also urged to know the location of the first aid station and Philippine National Police (PNP) Assistance Hub for emergencies.

For other concerns, CPPO can be reached through 387-1052 or mobile number at 09985986906.(RTP/PIA10)


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