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147 mothers join Int’l Babywearing Week in CDO


CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY, October 10 (PIA) – With the theme, “Threaded Together,” the Modern Nanays of Mindanao (MNM) spearheaded the region’s celebration of the International Babywearing Week (IBW) 2017 with 147 participants all over northern Mindanao on October 7, here.


The inspiration for the theme comes from the many different threads that when combined through the weaving process, form all of the carriers that many families use nowadays. All of the individual threads, once woven, create a material in the same way individuals and groups worldwide come together to create a global babywearing community.


With babywearing, Lucille Lapinid of MNM said that babies develop a sense of security and trust when they are attached to their caregivers. The act also helps in babies’ regulation of temperature, breathing and growth.


Lapinid also shared that babywearing parents are more confident and mobile as they can easily address the needs of their babies. Thus, worn babies cry less and are in a quiet alert state, which is the ideal state of learning. Babywearing also strengthens and improves both the parent and the baby’s core muscles and posture.


For her part, Nadine Casiño, founder of MNM, stresses the common babywearing errors such as the front face carry, which has no proper leg support and all weight is supported in baby’s most sensitive place, and the use of narrow-based carrier that could eventually cause hip dysplasia among babies.


Casiño also cited the misconceptions on babywearing saying that carrying a baby could not spoil him or her since birth to 1.5 years is where a child develops feelings of trust versus mistrust. Hence, if needs are met consistently, infants will develop secure attachment and will learn to trust the environment.


The MNM also stressed that babywearing could not cause bow-leggedness since such condition is pathologic and could not be caused by physical strain.


“Babies are naturally bowlegged because of the position in the womb,” Casiño said.


As for the statement, “It is tiring for a child to be in a carrier all day,” Casiño shared that a mother’s chest is the best place for the child to be. Being in a carrier means that the baby has immediate reach to everything that he or she needs such as food, warmth, movement and touch.


Different types of carriers and local sellers of such were also highlighted during the event through the IBW Library.


The IBW is a week-long opportunity to celebrate, promote, advocate for and focus media attention on the many benefits of babywearing.(RTP/PIA10)




Cebuano News: Camiguin gahingusgan ang PWDs pinaagi sa Pa-Birthday, panginabuhiang programa


MAMBAJAO, October 3 (PIA)—Aron mapausbaw ang makabangonan ug mabuligong pag-atiman sa persons with disabilities (PWDs), ang kagamhanang lokal diri gapahigayon sa Pa-Birthday ug panginabuhiang pagtabang nga mga programa sa probinsiya.


Uban sa kinatibuk-ang badyet nga P169,400 para sa 2017, ang Pa-Birthday nga programa galangkob sa supplemental feeding ug pagpanghatag ug reading eyeglasses sa 847 nga mga benepisyaryo gikan sa Catarman, Guinsiliban, Mahinog, Mambajao ug Sagay.


Sa kasamtangan, aduna’y 299 nga mga PWD benepisyaryo gikan sa Catarman, 202 sa Mambajao, 148 sa Mahinog, 113 sa Guinsiliban ug 85 sa Sagay.


Sa pagpahingusog sa mga PWDs aron muhimo ug oportunidad para sa ilang kaugalingon ug sa uban, ang Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE)-10 gahatag ug nagkalain-laing panginabuhiang pagtabang sa sektor sama sa produksyon sa sako bag, trapo ug kurtina diin ni-alokarang departamento ug P250,000 alang sa 24 ka mga benepisyaryo.


Ang DOLE gahatag usab ug indibidwal nga panginabuhiang pagtabang nga mupahiluna sa 10 ka mga benepisyaryo kada munisipyo.


Para sa tuig 2017, ang kagamhanang lokal nag-alokar ug P339,560 para sa mga programa, kalihokan, proyekto ug serbisyo alang sa mga PWDs.(RTP/PIA10)

Camiguin empowers PWDs with Pa-Birthday, livelihood programs


CAMIGUIN, October 3 (PIA)— To promote rehabilitative and supportive care to persons with disabilities (PWDs), the local government here conducts the Pa-Birthday and livelihood assistance programs in the province.


With a total budget of P169,400 for 2017, the Pa-Birthday program provides supplemental feeding and reading eyeglasses to 847 beneficiaries from the municipalities of Catarman, Guinsiliban, Mahinog, Mambajao and Sagay.


Currently, there are 299 PWD beneficiaries from Catarman, 202 from Mambajao, 148 from Mahinog, 113 from Guinsiliban and 85 from Sagay.


As for empowering the PWDs to create opportunity for themselves and others, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE)-10 provides various livelihood assistance to the sector such as the sack bag, rug and curtain production where the department has allocated P250,000 for 24 beneficiaries.


The DOLE also provides individual livelihood assistance that would accommodate 10 beneficiaries per municipality.


For CY 2017, the local government allocates P339,560 for PWD programs, activities, projects and services.(RTP/PIA10) 

Cebuano News: DTI-Camiguin magpahigayo’g Consumer Fun Run


CAMIGUIN, September 30 (PIA)—Base sa temang, “Consumer Rights in the Digital Age,” ang Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)- Camiguin Provincial Office magpahigayo’g Consumer Fun Run karon Oktubre 1 aron sugdan ang Consumer Welfare Month nga kasaulogan sa Oktubre.

Ang fun run maglakip sa 3K ug 5K nga mga kategorya para sa lalaki ug babae nga magdadagan nga magsugod sa alas 6:15 ug 6:00 sa buntag.

Sa dili pa sugdan ang fun run, aduna’y ipahigayon nga Zumba (sayaw sa maayong panglawas) sa alas 5:00 sa buntag.

9c072785ed13387abd887fcb7743fba4.jpegAng mga mudaug sa 3K para sa lalaki ug babae nga kategorya makakuha ug P1,000, P700 ug P500 para sa una, ikaduha ug ikatulong mananaog.

Alang sa 5K nga lalaki ug babae nga kategorya, ang mga makadaug makakuha ug P1,500, P1,200 ug P1,000 para sa una, ikaduha ug ikatulong ganti.

Ang registration fee mudagan lang sa P100 lakip na ang run jersey.

Ang maong kalihokan nagtumong nga mapataas pa ang kahibalo sa katawhan sa isaulog nga Consumer Welfare Month ug isulong ang maayong panglawas sa mga sakop sa katilingban.(RTP/PIA10)

DTI-Camiguin holds Consumer Fun Run


CAMIGUIN, September 30 (PIA)—With the theme, “Consumer Rights in the Digital Age,” the Department of Industry (DTI) – Camiguin Provincial Office will hold the Consumer Fun Run on October 1 to kick off the Consumer Welfare Month Celebration on October.


The fun run will include 3K and 5K categories for male and female runners which will start at 6:15AM and 6:00AM respectively.


21764767_717610815097471_4296868315713293111_n.jpgPrior to the fun run, there will be a Zumba (dance for fitness) at 5:00AM.


Winners for 3K male and female categories will bring home P1,000, P700 and P500 for the first, second and third places, respectively.


For the 5K male and female categories, winners will get a chance to bag P1,500, P1,200 and P1,000 for the first, second and third places respectively.


Registration fee is only P100 inclusive of run jersey.


The event aims to heighten the awareness of the public on the Consumer Welfare Month Celebration as well as foster healthy lifestyle among the community members.(RTP/PIA10)

NorMin parenting group to hold fun run for Marawi displaced children



CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY, September 15 (PIA) – To highlight the benefits of babywearing and provide assistance to the internally displaced children of Marawi crisis, the Modern Nanays of Mindanao (MNM) will hold the Fun Run for the Little Ones on October 15.


The event, which is named to be the first babywearing fun run in the country, will start at Divisoria, here, at 5:00 AM and interested runners can choose their preferred race category from 1K, 5K and 10K run with a corresponding P250, P300 and P350 registration fee which is inclusive of jersey and race bibs.


The 1K run will start at Divisoria to Jollibee Velez and back to Divisoria while the 5K run will start at Divisoria to Marcos Bridge then back to Divisoria. The 10K run will start at Divisoria to Bulua (Banga) and back to Divisoria.


The raised funding is intended for the displaced little ones and their mothers in Sta. Elena Evacuation Center and Buruun School of Fisheries for their food security and livelihood.


The Modern Nanays of Mindanao currently implements the Project Kain, a blanket supplementary feeding and capacity building initiative, that aims to sustain the provision of fresh, hot and varied meals through urban gardening and income generation.


Such project has been done since most of the IDPs only receive packed processed food during relief operations and as health advocates, the MNM sought for ways to feed the evacuees with the right kind of food especially the children and their mothers.


As for raising livelihood funds, Nadine Casiño, founder of MNM, said, “We also believe we need to teach our families how to generate their own income so they can sustain their families as they move to rehabilitation.”


The fun run is one of the major activities spearheaded by the MNM to celebrate the International Babywearing Week slated annually every first week of October. Babywearing is the practice of keeping babies or toddlers close while engaging in activities of daily living. Its benefits include increased growth and secured attachment for babies and a boost of confidence for parents.


Interested runners may register online at Details of the event including the payment method, jersey sizes and design, and more can also be viewed at Modern Nanays of Mindanao Facebook page.(Recthie T. Paculba/PIA10)

Cebuano News: Mambajao health unit gabakuna ug HPV


MAMBAJAO, Camiguin, July 26 (PIA)—Isip bahin sa implementasyon sa human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination ubos sa Department of Health Memorandum No. 2013-0291, ang Rural Health Unit (RHU) sa Mambajao nagpahigayon ug ikaduhang dosis nga pagbakuna sa HPV niadtong July 25 sa Agoho Elementary School.


Ang Mambajao RHU miingon nga ang mga babayeng estudyante sa maong eskwelahan nga anaa sa ilang sayo nga bantawan sa kahingkod mao ang target nga tagadawat sa bakuna tungod kay ang programa nagpalakip sa mga Grade 5 nga babayeng estudyante nga anaa sa edad 10-14 ka tuig.


Ang unang dosis sa HPV gihatag sa mga babayeng estudyante niadtong Mayo 2017 ug ang ulahing dosis ihatag unom ka bulan human sa unang dosis o karong Nobyembre 2017.


Ang pagbakuna sa HPV isa sa mga pamaagi aron malikayan sa mga babaye ang makakuha sa sakit nga cervical cancer. Tungod kay ang HPV vaccines kay gamit panghunad, ang dako nga impak sa pagbakuna gilauman nga muresulta sa taas nga paglakip sa mga batang babaye adisir sa ilang unang sekswal nga engkuwentro kaysa sa pagpahigayon sa pagbakuna sa mga tigulang na nga mga babaye.(RTP/PIA10)

Mambajao health unit implements HPV vaccination


MAMBAJAO, Camiguin, July 26 (PIA)—As part of the implementation of the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination under the Department of Health Memorandum No. 2013-0291, the conducted the second dose of HPV vaccination on July 25 at Agoho Elementary School.


Mambajao RHU said that the female students of the said school who are at their early stage of adolescence are the target recipients of the vaccination since the program’s scope and coverage include Grade 5 female learners within the age range of 10-14 years old.


The first dose of the HPV were provided to the female learners last May 2017 and the last dose will be given six months after the first dose or on November 2017.


Mambajao RHU also said that the vaccination is conducted to ensure that all adolescents and youth have access to quality comprehensive health care and services in an adolescent and youth-friendly environment.


HPV vaccination is one of the ways to prevent women from developing cervical cancer. Since the HPV vaccines are prophylactic, the largest impact of vaccination is expected to result from high coverage of young adolescent girls before their first sexual encounter rather than from conducting the vaccination to older females.(RTP/PIA10)

Cebuano News: Camiguin gasaulog sa NDPR week


CAMIGUIN, July 21 (PIA)—Isip pagsaulog sa 39th National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation week nga ginalansad kada tuig sa Hulyo 17-21, ang probinsiya sa Camiguin pinaagi sa mga Municipal Social Welfare and Development Offices nagpahigayon ug lain-laing kalihokan aron mapatugbaw ang papel sa mga persons with disability (PWD) sa pagpalig-on sa nausd, ug mabulig ang ilang mga katungod ug pribilehiyo.


Aron sugdan ang kalihokan, ang Mambajao MSWDO nagpahigayon ug gift giving sa Mambajao Municipal Building Lobby niadtong Hulyo 14 apil na usab ang pagpahigayon sa PWD Got Talent sa parehong adlaw.


Ang mga PWDs usab nagpakita sa ilang talento sa Slogan and Poster Making Contest.


20170724cMiingon ang PSWDO ang maong kalihokan gaisaulog matag tuig sa proinsiya aron mapagana ang kahibalo sa publiko sa mga isyu ug problema sa kakulangan apil na usab aron madasig ang matag miyembro sa komunidad nga mukuha’g aktibo nga responsibilidad para mapataas ang ekonomiko ug katilingabanong kondisyon sa tanang PWDs sa probinsiya.


Ang tema karong tuiga nagpokus sa pagtinuod sa mga masukarong kagawasan ug katungod sa mga PWDs isip gihatag na kini sa eksistidong internasyonal nga mandato ug nasyonal nga balaod.(RTP/PIA10)