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Cebuano News: Camiguin makabenepisyo sa ADM program sa DILG


CAMIGUIN, May 16 (PIA)- Aron mapalig-on ang mga local government units (LGUs) para mas mahimo silang kaabag sa nasudnong kalamboan, ang Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) nagahatag ug pundo ngadto sa labing nanginahanglan nga mga lungsod pinaagi sa Assistance to Disadvantaged Municipalities (ADM) program.

Sa Rehiyon 10, ang lungsod sa Mahinog, Camiguin Island mao ang usa sa mga benepisyaryo sa programang ADM.

Ang pito ka mga barangay sa munisipyo, ang Taoctaoc, Tupsan Pequeño, San Miguel, San Isidro, Owakan, Puntod ug Hubangon / San Jose mao’y nalakip sa mga target nga recipients sa DILG.

Ang mga proyekto nga ipatuman sa probinsya naglakip sa provision of potable water supply level III nga aduna’y P5,672,000 nga budget ug core local road construction, Benoni Housing and Resettlement Project with Drainage Canal, nga aduna’y kinatibuk-ang budget nga P3, 500,000.

Ang ADM nagahatag ug sistema sa tubig, pasilidad sa pagbakwit, lokal nga mga agianan, gamay nga water impounding, ug sanitasyon ug pasilidad sa panglawas sa mga nagkalain-laing mga munisipyo sa nasud. (Cherryl Juranes/PIA10)


DPWH bares status of infra projects


MAMBAJAO, CAMIGUIN, December 23 (PIA) – The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) reported status of some 70 infrastructure projects in Camiguin amounting to P708M.

4687547-typical-camiguin-road-0As of December 9, 2016, the agency was able to reach 97percent of its target or 67.34 percent actual accomplishment from the 68.80 percent completion targeted for the year.

Among the major infrastructure projects undertaken were the construction of eight (8) river control/drainage systems amounting to P190M, four of which are now completed while the remaining four is 95 percent near completion.

These include the constructions in Baylao, Maubog, Balbagon, San Roque, Aguran, Sagay, and Puti River control/drainage systems.

From the budget of the Department of Agriculture (DA), 11 farm-to-market road projects are also on the works with the cost of P28M.

Another is the construction and improvement of five multi-purpose buildings to include the Municipal Halls of Mambajao and Guinsiliban as well as in Magting, Pandan and Eulalio Pabillore public schools costing to about P25M, 4 of which were already completed.

Other projects included the repair and rehabilitation of Barangay Health Stations (BHS), roads, and rain water collection system, while the construction of school buildings is on top of the priority. (JCV/PIA 10)

54M projects drawn from 2016 Camiguin dev’t fund


MAMBAJAO, CAMIGUIN, December 27 (PIA) – A total of 14 infrastructure projects amounting to P54M from the Provincial Development Fund here were reported completed and or nearing completion as the year closes.

The biggest chunk is poured on the construction of the Olympic size swimming pool at the Camiguin Sports Complex.

Various road projects were likewise covered under the fund, to include the concreting works in Baylao to Abu road, Orasan to Sorosoro road, Owakan to Luwan road and Tacangon to Punto road.

Other projects undertaken include the construction of Biocon and PAGCOR buildings, barangay basketball courts, warehouse and motor pool repair bays.

These projects were funded under the 20 percent development fund derived from the internal revenue allotment (IRA) of the province.

As mandated, project as these should cover only construction or rehabilitation of evacuation centers, portable water supply system, evacuation centers local roads or bridges, sanitary landfills, material recovery facility and public facilities such as multi-purpose halls; purchase or repair of area-wide calamity-related alarm or warning system and appropriate alarming-related rescue operations equipment; and purchase and development of land for relocation of victims of calamities, among others. (JCV/PIA 10)


482M infra, facility projects to rise in Camiguin

482M infra, facility projects to rise in Camiguin

MAMBAJAO, Camiguin, March 16 (PIA) – Staying in focus on upgrading its infrastructure convenience, Camiguin lone district representative Xavier Jesus Romualdo allocated P482.25 million fund this year, released through the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH).

It is expected to facilitate smooth flow of goods and services, effective farm-to-market road accessibility, as well as to improve and develop of the island’s tourist destinations.

These projects also include the construction and replacement of drainage canal, bridges, and river control projects around its circumferential road; improvement of government buildings; waterworks systems; pedestrian overpass, airport runway and Benoni Port.

Various infrastructure projects like the construction of P64.6 million roads leading to Tuasan Falls and soda water spring; P50 million drainage system improvement in poblacion Mambajao; P42.9 million rehabilitation of flood/river control structures and more were likewise completed last year. (JCV/PIA)


Mambajao gains approval for 15M GPBP projects


MAMBAJAO, Camiguin, July 24 (PIA) – Hefty projects under the Grassroots Participatory Budgeting Process (GPBP) with capitalization of P15-million gains approval from the oversight agencies. 

These include programs and projects for the enhancement of health facilities, sustainable livelihood, farm to market road, repair and rehabilitation of school buildings, social pension for indigent senior citizens, and rice production.

Mambajao mayor Maria Luisa Romualdo said they are fast tracking efforts to supply the needed documents for the release of funds and jump-start the implementation of these programs and projects jointly identified by the local government unit (LGU) and civil society organizations in Mambajao.

Town’s rural health unit and five priority barangay health stations to include barangay Kuguita, Pandan, Vulcan, Tupsan and Yumbing will benefit from the enhancement program, while all barangays will be covered by the livelihood program.

The approved FMR project will be granted to Sitio Tambaan, Anito and public elementary schools of barangays Anito, Volcan, Tupsan, Yumbing, Pandan and Mambajao Central School were among the identified schools to avail of the repair and rehabilitation works.

Some 200 indigent senior citizens are also up for social pension program, while organized farmers for the 60-hectare rice field will also receive assistance from GPBP.

GPBP is formerly called Bottom up Budgeting (BuB), it ensures the inclusion of the funding requirement for the development needs identified at the local level in the budget proposals of the National Government Agencies.

Romualdo said, the Phase III Socialized Housing Project will come next in their priority. This will serve as the shelter program for government employees who wished to own a home of their own at a lesser cost. (JCV/PIA)


LPA damages runway, bridges, houses in Camiguin



MAMBAJAO, CAMIGUIN, January 14 (PIA) – A low pressure area affecting Mindanao and Visayas triggered too much rains causing flood water to enter houses, buildings, and runway.

Latest report from the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (PDRRMC) shows some 7,381 families and 34,373 persons affected in Mambajao Town.

Flashfloods and stream overflows already affected 12 barangays here since Saturday, January 11 up to press time.

Included in the list of affected barangays are Naasag, Yumbing, Agoho, Bug-ong, Kuguita, Baylao, Poblacion, Pandan, Balbagon, Magting, Benhaan, and Tupsan.

Timayog Bridge in Lawigan, Catarman was also destroyed by floodwaters and remains impassable, while the concrete bridge in Lumad, although accessible, is still under assessment for possible damage. 

Main pipelines in Catarman were also washed out, affecting the water supply distribution in some four barangays in the municipality.

One casualty is likewise recorded in Sagay town, caused by electrocution as the province continues to experience torrential rains. (JCV/PIA)


Construction of new roads going to remote tourist destinations safe



MAMBAJAO, CAMIGUIN, Sept 10 (PIA) — Camiguin Provincial Tourism Officer Candice Naome Dael reiterated that new roads built going to remote tourist areas in the Island will cause no harm to adjacent forests.

The province is currently undertaking three major road infrastructure projects, connecting secluded tourist destinations like the Tuasan and Binangawan (rainbowed) falls to the major highway, and one cross country road project from Mainit Catarman to Sitio Itum, Barangay Baylao in Mambajao.

Dael clarified that they are keeping these areas as eco-tourism zones and have already taken necessary steps in passing an ordinance that prohibits activities which can endanger and destroy the forests and the wildlife resources.

 “These roads are perfect for biking and hiking activities, a beautiful sight of the forest awaits visiting tourist who wish to take the cross country road trip,” she said.

Provincial Planning and Development Officer, Felicisimo M. Gomez, meanwhile, added that they have undertaken close coordination with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources Office (DENR) prior to the implementation of the project.

“In Bingawan Falls, we even opted to construct pathways nearing the falls as the DENR has permitted the construction of roads,” he explained.

To date, the road project near Tuasan Falls was already completed, while the two other are expected to be completed within the year. (JCV/PIA)


Camiguin builds P140M road infra projects



MAMBAJAO, CAMIGUIN, Sept. 7 (PIA) — Three major road infrastructure projects amounting to P140 million were initiated here to boost the province’s tourism industry, as well as, provide fast mobility to farm products and safety to commuters.

The projects consists of the construction and improvement of service road to Binangawan Falls in Sagay town and the newly completed service road and slope protection project leading to Tuasan Falls in Catarman, amounting to P50-million and P40-million, respectively.

The other project  is the opening and upgrading (gravel to concrete) of the P50-million cross country road cutting from Mainit, Catarman to Mambajao, although this serves as an alternative route from the major road, all the while, it provides  a great view of the island’s rainforest.

Camiguin Provincial Tourism Officer Candice Naomi B. Dael said these projects are hoped to boost the province tourist influx and economy.

“We wanted to bring our tourist spots closer to the people. The Binangawan Falls (rainbowed falls) for example is situated within the dense rainforest in the highlands of Sagay, but because of its distance, the knowledge of its existence has been limited only to locals and mountain climbers,” Dael said.

The province is likewise initiating appropriate measures for the promotion, protection and conservation of these areas. An ordinance is currently being drafted prohibiting the building of any shelter, dumping of garbage, as well as, hunting, collection and removal of wildlife resources.

The Camiguin District Engineering office, meanwhile, said that the two remaining projects will be completed within the year, funded by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) in partnership with the Department of Tourism (DOT).  (JCV/PIA) 


CGH diagnostic building nears completion


MAMBAJAO, CAMIGUIN, Aug. 13 (PIA) — The Camiguin General Hospital (CGH) reports the near completion of its P5-million diagnostic building which will house a new CT scan machine. 

The hospital has now completed the installation of the CT-scan lead and will soon be facilitating the purchase of the equipment in the amount of P20-P30 million. 

This is expected to cut transportation needs of patients to the mainland just to undergo CT-Scan diagnosis. 

Several state of the art equipment are also made available in the CGH laboratories like X-ray, endoscopy, urinalysis, CBC, and 4-D ultrasound. 

Dr. Arvin Sampilo of CGH likewise bared that the hospital is currently bidding the installation of sprinkler, electrical rewiring and commissioning of the 475 KW generator automatic transfer switch. 

The European Union, meanwhile, released P1-million assistance for the improvement of the hospital’s façade and parking area. (PIA) 


Dairy farming seen to push livelihood & nutrition scheme

MAMBAJAO, Camiguin, June 7 (PIA) — Farmers as well as children will soon benefit from a new dairy farm, expected to open this month in the province. 
The first on the island and located in Mt. Campana, the pilot dairy farm will house 25 dairy cows, loaned from the National Dairy Authority (NDA) for P140,000 each. 

Dr. Louis S. Bollozos, chief of the Provincial Veterinary Office, said the cows are already pregnant and in four months will be able to produce milk. 

Bollozos estimated each cow can yield at least 10 liters of milk daily. 

The NDA also loaned two milking machines and other farm implements needed to the provincial local government unit (PLGU). 

Named the “Camiguin Pilot Dairy Production Farm,” the facility will be operated and maintained by the PLGU, which will in turn enter into a contract growing agreement with the local farmers to supply food for the herd. 

The government will buy 77-day-old chopped corn plants at P2.10 per kilo to serve as feeds for the cows. Cutting may be done manually or by use of machine, which the PLGU is also willing to provide. 

Meanwhile, Camiguin Governor Jurdin Jesus M. Romualdo earlier revealed his plan to use the milk collected from farm for its nutrition program. 

Priority schools identified with most number of underweight/malnourished children will first benefit from the farm’s fresh harvest. (PIA)