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Underweight preschool children get an egg a day

Underweight preschool children get an egg a day

MAMBAJAO, CAMIGUIN, July 30 (PIA) – The Provincial Nutrition Council (PNC) here supplies all underweight pre-school children (0-71 months) with one egg a day in hope to alleviate their nutritional status.

The local nutrition body came up with the plan to effect immediate intervention with the very least cost. Dubbed as “Hataw for a Cause” or H4C, the PNC led the healthy lifestyle exercise popularized by the Department of Health (DOH) every Friday, and called on provincial employees to support their cause by bringing eggs every session.

Provincial Nutrition Action Office (PNAO) Staff Shane Salcedo said they deliver the eggs weekly or every Monday to barangays with identified severely underweight children.

The barangay nutrition scholars (BNSs) prepare/cook the eggs before distribution and personally handle the feeding. Weighing of children is also done weekly and submitted to the PNAO every time the eggs are delivered.

Piloting first with some 68 children, the program will soon be expanded to cover this time, all pre-school children from the underweight category or more than 500 children from the 13,000 total population in the province.

Salcedo added that with the arrival of additional cows at the government maintained dairy farm, a glass of fresh milk will also be match to the daily egg provision.

To date, the PNC is also considering tying up with the local meat producers (Granel’s Meatshop) for their supplementary feeding program. (JCValcorza/PIA 10)


LGU expands fresh milk feeding program


LGU expands fresh milk feeding program

MAMBAJAO, Camiguin, Jan. 19 (PIA) – More children get daily supply of fresh milk here after a government subsidized dairy farm was established in 2013.

IMG_0665It started with 25 cows, and 19 of these animals are now on the milking line supplying at least 150 liters of milk a day.

All identified severely wasted children in the public schools around province, are now getting their daily share of fresh cow’s milk; the program runs for about 120 days and will continue to reach other children needing immediate nutrition intervention.

To date, some 252 school children have been served. The local government also extends regular milk distribution/feeding activities during public assemblies, events, and celebrations. IMG_0670

Other than giving out the fresh daily produce to the needy, the Provincial Veterinary Office (PVO) also markets it to the public at P50/liter, while part of it was also fed to the calves. 

Local farmers are likewise tapped to the project by supplying the corn and forage needs of the herd. (JCV/PIA)

Preschoolers benefits from free nutri food packs


scale-705687MAMBAJAO, CAMIGUIN, May 28 (PIA) – Fifty preschoolers here enjoyed a 120 days free supply of nutri food packs, fortified with vitamin A and iron.

Provincial Nutritionist and Dietician Telesfora G. Madelo emphasized the importance of addressing malnutrition among children especially during their formative years that is from 0 to 5 years old.

These kids were listed under the severely underweight children in the province.

For 120 feeding days they will be given food packs to serve as afternoon snack that comes in various flavor like champorado (chocolate porridge) and monggo.

The program is a regular project of the provincial government in efforts to curb malnutrition rate.

Other underweight children in the province enrolled in the government’s day care program were likewise covered by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) feeding program, while the government is also regularly providing for the micronutrient supplementation, Vitamin A, iron and deworming needs of the children.

To date, the malnutrition rate in the island manifests a decreasing trend over the years. In 2012 it drops to 7.14 percent from the previous year’s recorded rate of 7.33 percent. (PIA)