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DSWD-10 holds info caravan in Camiguin


MAMBAJAO, Camiguin, October 30 (PIA) — To provide updates on its activities, programs and services, the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Field Office 10 conducted its fourth Info Caravan for 2017 at Ugmad Center in Camiguin on October 27.

Regional Information Officer Charmaine Tadlas said that such info caravan is essential in helping the community know the existing social welfare projects and programs where they can benefit from.

20171102e.jpgTadlas stressed that community members of the province barely have knowledge on the department’s programs such as the Assistance to Individuals and Families in Crisis Situation (AICS) where the DSWD provides medical, educational, burial and transportation assistance to persons/families in crisis situations, specifically those belonging to the informal sector and other poor, marginalized, vulnerable, and disadvantaged individuals.

Over 800 participants from Mahinog, Mambajao, Guinsiliban, Sagay and Catarman towns graced the caravan which is also part of the Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office (PSWDO) Day.

The event also highlighted the Elderly Filipino Week and National Children’s Month kick-off.(RTP/PIA10)



Camiguin joins the country’s ASEAN Landmark Lighting


MAMBAJAO, Camiguin, August 8 (PIA)—As one of the 50 cities and provinces around the country chosen to participate and spearhead the ASEAN Landmark Lighting, the provincial government here conducted various activities to show their commitment to continuously accept the challenge to become one with the vision of ASEAN on August 8.


“Our Province aims to become a strong partner of the country and of the Association of South East Asian Nations in order to encourage and engage the world to achieve the much desired change towards a better world,” Governor Maria Luisa Romualdo said.


The governor also stressed that the province’s ability to pull off such event is one of the proofs that Camiguin has become champion in almost all facets especially in being able to rise and move forward while preserving the natural resources.


Furthermore, during the said event, the provincial government conducted a food bazaar, Inter High School Balak Contest (poem presentation), ASEAN Nation Parade, ASEAN Landmark Lighting, folk dance presentation, mass dancing, fireworks display, launching of the Lanzones Festival 2017 Photo Gallery, Inter High School Harana Contest, and Live Concert and Party.


Various schools, offices and institutions graced the event along with the hundreds of residents of the province.


Participants of the parade brought with them flaglets of the ASEAN country members and the children were clad in the national costumes of the ASEAN countries.


The ASEAN landmark was lighted at 7PM tailed by the fireworks display which lasted for a few minutes.(RTP/PIA10)


Yumbing NHS gets double win in Lanzones Fest



MAMBAJAO, Camiguin, Nov. 3 (PIA) – Yumbing National High School (YNHS) bagged home two major awards during the 2016 Lanzones Festival.

YNHS emerged as champion in both street dancing and ground competitions, wowing the crowd with its lively and colorful rendition of Camiguin’s enchanting lanzones tale.


Fatima College of Camiguin (FCC) took the second spot in the tableau competition followed by the Columbia National High School, Guinsiliban National High School and then Tupsan National High School.

The Columbia National High School, meanwhile, ranked second in the street dancing competition, followed by FCC, Tupsan National High School, and Mambajao National High School.

Eight contingents creatively portrayed their own version of the tale, livened up with the presence of the higantes, replicas of the black ants and the Mindanao Hornbill, locally known as the Tayamtam.

The provincial government said slight twists were initiated in this year’s presentations to preserve the original storyline of the legend of the lanzones fruit as well as to give the celebration a unique and local touch.

Special awards were also given to FCC as the liveliest contingent and best in headdress while Sagay wins home the best in costume award.

For the “Kalanrakas sa Kabataan” (elementary level) participated by winners from the municipality level, Barangay Benoni, Mahinog was named winner and Barangay Pandan of Mambajao town took the second spot, followed by barangay Cabuan of Guinsiliban town. (JCV/PIA 10)


Lanzones Festival to open, gets new twist


1069264_428610593917385_967645577_nMAMBAJAO, CAMIGUIN, October 22 (PIA) – Looking back in history, Camiguin is set to showcase a tribal inspired thanksgiving performances for the lanzones festival this year, to keep the local feel.

From the free interpretation street dancing and tableau competitions, Governor Maria Luisa D. Romualdo wants to give the celebration a unique, local touch.

Looking back

Artistic Director Consultant Vincent A. Aranas said they are keeping the official legend of Camiguin and its enchanting lanzones a contest piece storyline.

Apart from this, the costumes, colors and beat will reflect the rich Higaonon Manobo culture in Bukidnon, believed to be to the ancestors of Camiguingnons.

Researchers describe Higaonon as the “people of the living mountains” and “people of the wilderness”. The name higa (to live or reside), goan (mountain) and onon (people). While Manobo, Manuvu or Minuvu simply means “people” or “person.

Ethno linguists traced Camiguin Island and the northern coasts of Mindanao as home to the Cinamiguin Manobo.

Aranas said ki-miguin means “owned by Miguin,” the same as ki-Solon or ki-Taotao, this and more, he said, are also manifested in the island’s dialect.



Ag Sadya Kiraw Tayamtam and music showdown will kick off the weeklong festivity on October 23, followed by a parade highlighted with a grand display of festival inspired headdress.

The formal declaration and opening of the 37th Camiguin Lanzones Festival will go back-to-back with the soft opening of the Agro-Industrial Technology Trade Fair (UGMAD), a showcase of the island’s best products and handicrafts at the PPR Tourism and Sports Complex.

Various activities are prepped up for the week like festival king, queen and diwata dance showdown, sports competition, pageants, rave parties and more along with a job fair and delivery basic government services.

The famous street dancing and ground competition, meanwhile, is set on Saturday, October 30. (JCV/PIA 10)


Lanzones farmers warned of pest infestation

Lanzones farmers warned of pest infestation

MAMBAJAO, CAMIGUIN, February 29 (PIA) – The Mambajao Municipal Agriculture’s Office (MAO) warns farmers here of lanzones pest infestation and urged them to report cases, especially those related with scale insects.

The scale insect infestation in lanzones trees has been noted  by farm owners starting in the late part of year 2014, first spotted in Sitio Ire, Balbagon Mambajao.

“Akong namatikdan nga nga puti-puti ang dahon sa akong lanzones hangtod kini ni daghan og nanga loyloy ug nag anam ka dagdag,” (I observed some white spots on the leaves until it covered everything causing the leaves to eventually die and fall off) farmer Lito Gamale recalled.

MAO describes these as small invasive pests with protective shield like scales, attach itself to a single plant, sometimes in large numbers that it becomes alarming.

The Regional Crop Protection Center (RCPC) also noted that this pest is difficult to control, eventually rendering the fruit with a sour taste and low yield.  Weekly spraying, they say, will not also give positive results as scale insects have a waxy defense mechanism which covers their body during molting of the nymphal stage.

Given this, the municipal LGU initiated effective technical measures available in managing reported infected farms, conducted information and education campaigns in all barangays and introduced organic ameliorants to revive heavily infected lanzones trees.

As part of its intervention, the MLGU gives away free organic and inorganic fertilizers for the growers as air for the recovery of the lanzones trees.

Provincial Agriculture Officer Rene G. Torion, however, noted that there was no major impact of the presence of the pest in the province and that the lanzones harvest remains abundant last year. (JCV/PIA)


YNHS and Mahinog topped Lanzones Festival’s dancing competitions

YNHS and Mahinog  topped Lanzones Festival’s dancing competitions

Mambajao, Camiguin, October 27(PIA) – Camiguin pops the Lanzones Festival observance to new levels year after year, bringing out livelier and more colorful performances to entertain locals and tourists alike.

IMG_4421                               IMG_4323

Performers for the biggest events like the traditional dancing competitions at various  categories gear up with new surprises in beats, steps, costumes or props.

The competition is pretty tight for all the groups–supported by the different local and national offices, establishments, private groups and sponsors.

IMG_4345                 IMG_4394

This year, Mahinog LGU took the No. 1 spot for the street dancing competition, followed by Yumbing National High School (YNHS) and Mambajao National High School (MNHS).

YNHS, meanwhile, grab the first  win in the tableau/ground competition, Mambajao National High School (MNHS) move into the second spot, and Fatima College of Camiguin (FCC) on 3rd.

Other interesting events include the Music and Kabog (Bats) showdown, Kalanrakas sa Kabataan (Charivari-Street Dancing), Festival King, Queen, and Diwata (fairies) showdown.

All these seeks to promote not only tourism, but also cooperation among the locals here, while they continue to hold the rich tradition of thanksgiving for the sweet bounty of the luscious lanzones fruit, named to be the sweetest around the country. (JCV/PIA 10)

Diskwento Caravan all set for the 36thLanzones Festival

Diskwento Caravan all set for the 36thLanzones Festival

MAMBAJAO, Camiguin, October 06 (PIA) – The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Camiguin Provincial Office will hold its 4th “Diskwento Caravan” (carnival discount caravan) this coming October 18-25, 2015 back to back with the Ugmad Agro-Trade and Tourism Fair 2015 as a part of the Camiguin’s 36thLanzones Festival.

This discount caravan is a regular activity of the DTI to help the consumers avail of various products marked down by as much as 2% to 10%.

To be held at the Cong. PPR Tourism and Sports Center, display will include dairy products, canned goods, hotdog, fruit preserves, fruit juices, chips and pastries, laundry supplies, batch items, toiletries, bottled water and more. 

This is just one of the many caravans spearheaded by DTI all over the country in its aim to provide consumers better access to basic and prime commodities at affordable prices.

This public service event is expected to draw a thousand residents here and is conducted in partnership with the major manufacturers and distributors in the province together with the Provincial Local Government Unit (PLGU). (Zita M. Abellare, DTI-Camiguin, PIA-CamiNet)

Lanzones (Buahanan) Festival: Celebrating the Tale of Diwatas’ Bounty



MAMBAJAO, CAMIGUIN, November 4 (PIA) – Dances and chants fill the island once more as Camiguingnons offer their yearly thanksgiving for the continued harvests of its delectable lanzones fruit-unbeaten for its sweetness and remains to be desired by many.Beautiful “diwatas” (fairies), bats, tribal kings and queens come alive to portray the legend of the fruit in colorful music and dance extravaganzas.

It talks about a tribe who decided to settle down in the island realizing how rich the land is, they lost no time in clearing the area and started to plant. As they went around the island to hunt, they came upon a tree laden with golden fruits. They quickly informed the others about their discovery and called the fruit ‘buahan’ (a corruption of the word bulahan, which means blessing), as they regarded the fruit as blessings from the good fairies.

But the fruit turned out to be poisonous, the people fell sick and so they implored the help of the fairies who magically transformed the fruit not only as a cure, but to forever satisfy the hunger of the townsfolk.

In thanksgiving for the blessing, the people celebrated and praised the diwatas for the gift, as the fruit indeed become a buahan or a blessing to them, even to this day. 

Every third week of October, the province preps up for a week-long festivity.

The recently concluded 34th Lanzones Festival staged various traditional dances such as the Music and Kabog (Bats) Showdown, Kalanrakas (Charivari-Street Dancing), Tableau Presentation, Street Dancing Competition, and the Festival King and Queen, and Diwata showdowns.

Array of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as, good quality gift items and souvenirs at the Agro-Industrial Trade and Tourism Fair (UGMAD) likewise served as a treat to both locals and visitors alike.

Meanwhile, Columbia St. Michael’s Parish High School of Mahinog town dominated the win for both tableau and street-dancing competition for five consecutive years. It bested seven other contingents in the province with their liveliest, wondrous play of colors and dance moves.

Fatima College of Camiguin, representing the local government of Mambajao also grabbed the second spot for the same category, while Yumbing National High School placed third for the street dancing and fourth in the tableau.

Best in head dress and costume award was also given to Guinsiliban town contingents. (JCV/PIA)




MAMBAJAO, Camiguin, Nov 3 (PIA) –- This island province is synonymous to sweet lanzones. It’s October festivities center on this lucrative industry. After years of study to better improve the shelf life of its renowned fruit, the island now starts introducing a new variety called “camlong” or the Camiguin longkong lanzones.

The camlong is a cross breed of the local variety and longkong – a variety usually grown in Thailand and Indonesia.

Longkong is described to be almost seedless and with a skin or peel that has almost no latex.

Camiguin Governor Jurdin Jesus M. Romualso said that for seven years, they had been doing studies to produce the camlong variety.

“We tried mixing both because locally grown lanzones fruits usually change its color four days after harvest, although its sweetness and taste remain superb,” Romualdo said.

With the new variety, the island now produces not only very sweet lanzones, but has longer shelf life as well.

The provincial government runs its own nursery and produces this kind in Mahinog town.

Guests and visitors in the recently concluded Buahanan Festival (Lanzones Festival) which was celebrated in the island last week, got the chance to visit the demo farm and eat as many lanzones they could gather straight from its branches.

For the tourist, nothing is more fun and exciting than picking and enjoying the fruit straight from the tree.

Inviting as it may, unfortunately, lanzones is a seasonal crop. It produces fruits only in late September to early November. (PIA 10)