School children receive new hygiene kits


MAMBAJAO, CAMIGUIN, October 22 (PIA) – Close to 15,000 school children received new set of hygiene kits for another cycle of supply distribution from the Essential Health Care Package Program (EHCP).


The EHCP is now on its fifth year of bringing basic supplies like toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, lice shampoo, lice comb, nail cutter, and deworming tablets for free to children in 70 day care centers and 55 public elementary schools province wide.


Fit For School Foundation originally introduced the program to the local government units in bid to familiarize the children with health-promoting values and habits, thereby increasing their academic performance.


Currently, the program is sustained by provincial government releasing P.7 million funding for the year.


Five outstanding EHCP implementing schools were also conferred awards during the in house review held early this month at the Camiguin Convention Center to include Binusaranan Elementary School, Mambajao Central School, Alangilan Intergrated School, Sagay Central School, and Maac Elementary School. (JCV/PIA)


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  1. That’s really nice. It is good governance to provide for the needs of the public however it is ethically wrong to plaster the face of a politician on the product as if saying “Hey everyone, look at the good service I am doing for you people, don’t forget It is ME, ME, ME who is doing this for you”. Knowing full well that the funds for these projects come from taxpayers not from the pockets of these politicians. These practice should be banned. Shameful display.

  2. Nice blog! it is great to provide hygiene kits to children and it would help meet the essential needs, hence keep them clean and hygienic. Good to hear.. Keep posting such good news!

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